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    The Medical “Fountain of Youth”
    Our secret to long lasting weight loss and feeling younger is hormone optimization. We will help you…
    • Rebalance your Hormone Levels
    • Boost your Energy, Libido & Confidence
    • Restore your Youthful Vigor

Hormone Optimization Therapy

People age because they acquire deficiencies and their hormones decline. Weight gain can be a manifestation of imbalances in hormones, nutrients (that activate fat breakdown and muscle development) and toxicities that cause fat accumulation, hair loss, fatigue and low libido.

Hormone imbalances occur from age 30 onwards. By age 50, people have only 50% of hormone function for estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, melatonin, and Human Growth Hormone.

Reprogramming Your Hormone Levels

It only takes a tiny change in hormone levels to cause major problems in the body. Hormones work slowly over time to affect your growth, sexual function, mood, appetite, hunger and cravings.

To help you reverse these unpleasant symptoms of aging, our skilled doctors may prescribe hormone optimization therapies, unique to you, which may help to:

  • Improve energy, mood, and cognition
  • Increase lean body mass
  • Revitalize sex drive

Our skilled physicians will evaluate and treat your symptoms directly by balancing and optimizing your hormone levels with hormone supplementation.

You will experience renewed energy, restored youthfulness, and live a longer, full-quality life.

Identifying Your Imbalance

Since each individual’s hormonal requirements are distinctly different, we begin by evaluating your need for hormone therapy with comprehensive diagnostic testing.

This involves complete hormonal blood panels and symptoms based, gender specific screenings that will help your doctors restore you to optimal health.

Restoring the Balance

Our doctors are highly skilled in the early detection, prevention and reversal of age related ailments.

Once we determine where and if hormonal deficiencies exist, our team of expert physicians will tailor an individualized hormone optimization plan aimed at replenishing your dwindling levels of hormones.

Affordable Pricing

At Persona Doctors, we offer flexible options that that are designed to meet your unique goals, medical requirements and budget. To jumpstart your hormone therapy treatment, we offer an affordable introductory package that includes everything from the initial laboratory evaluation through your treatment and maintenance.

  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Flat Monthly Rates
  • No Hidden Charges

Hormone Only Starter Package

If you don’t need to lose weight but instead are looking for an affordable and effective hormone optimization package, then the following Starter Plan will be right for you.

Hormone Only Program
Hormone Optimization
Start for only
Save $67.50
Standard Price $292.50
Medical Testing
$249.00 Value!
Blood Chemistry Labs
Hormone Analysis
Physical Exam
EKG/ECC Cardio Scan
Drug Interactions
Medical Analysis
Anti-Aging Evaluation
Hormone Screening
DNA Analysis (optional)
Includes first 2 weeks:
  • Doctor Visits
  • B12 Energy Injections
  • Hormone Therapies
  • Lab retesting as needed
  • @Home Self-Injector Kit

Beyond the first 30 Days

The Persona Doctors Introductory Starter packages above will cover all of your medical testing and the first 30 days of treatment. After that you will have the option to choose from several comprehensive, all inclusive plans starting at $195 per month.

No Penalty Plan Changes. You may change plans at any time before your next billing date without penalty.

No Long Term Commitments. Our easy plan cancellation takes your health and medical requirements into account. As you begin to reach your goal weight, cancel your plan at any time with a simple 60 day notice. The notice period allows your doctor to begin the gradual process of taking you off medications (the “weaning off” period) so that you succeed and do not gain the weight back.

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